Privacy Policy

  • The app collects only data, which user provides and keeps them securely in the internal memory.

  • Data can be accessed only by the app.

  • Data which are written internally are stored in not encrypted database

  • Data which are written to the external memory are in common formats like CSV, XML or PDF and can be exported only on the user demand

  • None private user data are collected by the app

  • The app uses Google Analytics, which collects anonymous data about the app usage like user flow through the screens or whether user is online or not. This feature can be disabled by the user in the settings menu, moreover user is informed by the dialog on the first launch of the app.

  • User can store their data to Google Drive, which is accessible only for the user in the application specific space. Those data are read and written locally in the app database

  • User can grant access to read blood pressure data(systolic and diastolic) values from Google Fit. These data are not stored in the app or sent anywhere, but read from Google Fit and only displayed within the app